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yuk ke bandung kita ...

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BandungIf you have a general weakness for travelling and 
shopping, we have welcoming news to whet your
wanderlust and retail appetite. Malaysia Airlines 
now flies daily to Bandung, the ever-popular 
haven for shoppers and holiday-goers. The provincial capital 
of West Java and Indonesia's third largest city, Bandung 
sits nearly 1000 meters above sea level and is practically 
one big shopping mall, especially for clothing, textiles 
and shoes.
Dotted with cafes, restaurants, shops, factory outlets, the streets 
of Dago and Cihampelas are great places to begin your spending, 
sightseeing and gastronomic spree. Fashion junkies will feel right 
at home in the famed Rumah Mode whereas if you're crazy about 
shoes, you'll be in seventh heaven in Cibaduyut. Known in 
colonial times as the Paris of Java, you can also roam 
the city to enjoy its gentle climate and keep your 
camera busy with the various historical sites and 
art-deco landmark buildings.And whenyou're done 
shopping, wash away your guilt and weariness 
by swimming in the warm and therapeutic sulphurized 
pools of Ciater hot springs,or by visiting the cool 
mountainous town of Lembang, which is renowned 
for its refreshing climate,orchards and beautiful 
panorama. You can travel up to the rim of Tangkuban 
Perahu mountain, arguably the most famous tourist 
attraction in Bandung, for a breath taking view of its 
smoldering volcanic crater.

For avid golfers, Bandung also boasts the highest 
course in Indonesia. Bandung thrives on the exceptional 
warmth and creative energies of her 
people. Catch a Jaipong dance or an 
Angklung (a bamboo musical instrument) 
performance for a taste of dazzling 
Sundanese culture.

Bandung is a paradise for food lovers too, 
and local Sundanese delicacies are 
widely available on the side of the street 
and in more chic restaurants. Be adventurous 
and try out everything from Batagor to 
Nasi Timbel, to name but a delicious few.
With so many exciting things to do and see, clearly 
Bandung is worth more than a single visit.

 Seronok sangat bila MAS dah ada flight ke Bandung .
Cerita tentang Bandung ni ... Shida pergi Bandung ni 
tahun lepas .1st dengan AirAsia , and 2ndly with 
MAS departed from Kuala Lumpur ke Jakarta and 
after that ke Bandung .. 

So bila dah ada MAS ke Bandung  senang lah sikit . Sesiapa
yang nak pergi tu boleh lah pergi shopping di Bandung .
Banyak tempat kalau nak shopping kat Bandung .

Bandung terkenal dengan factory outletnya .Banyak 
factor outlet yang boleh di kunjungi seperti  Rumah Moda 
( yang famous ), Cibaduyut shopping untuk 
kasut , Jalan Dago dan Chihampelas point juga 
famous dengan factory outlet seperti Hot Line Factory outlate 
(Cihampelas 106 ) , Expose ( Cihempelas 112 ) , Galeria Jeans
(Cihampelas 170 ) Paris Van Java ( Cihampelas 184 )
Lain lain factory outlet ;

Rumah Mode - Jalan Setiabudhi 41 F 022-2035498
Rumah Mode Plus - sebelah rumah mode
Lafayette- Jl Setiabudi samping Hoka-hoka Bento 022-2032676
Zenith - Jl Setiabudi 64 022-2033892
Phantasia Barby Gallery - Jl Sersan Bajuri100
FO Store - Jl Setiabudi 73 022-2043506
Natural FO - Jl Setiabudi 43 022-2039068
Linoleum - Jl Sariasih 21 022-2002880
Fiore - Jl Setiabudi 56 022-2038668
Distro House - Jl Setiabudi 41F Lt 2 022-2039390

Warung Gaul Factor Outlet - Jl Cihampelas 151 022-2034987
Army Look - Jl Cihampelas 135
Galleria - Jl Cihampelas
Kelom Geulis Keng - Jl Cihampelas 205
Parijs Van Java Boutiqe Outlet - Jl Cihampelas
Korek Api Jeans - Jl Cihampelas 168 022-2033443
and many  Jeans / Fashion store with competitive prices 

Happening - Jl Ir H Juanda 14 022 4265222
Up Town - Jl Ir H Juanda 123 022-2534430
Glamour - Jl Ir H Juanda 108  022-2510000
Blossom - Jl Ir H Juanda 112  022-2503822
Flashy - Jl Dipati Ukur 1 022-2008393
Episode - Jl Ir H Juanda 125 022-2501515
Raffles City - Jl Ir H Juanda 106 022-2502139
Victoria - Jl Ir H Juanda 111 022-2516868
Grande - Jl Ir H Juanda 118 
Jetset - Jl Ir H Juanda 116 022-2501993
Level - Jl Ir H Juanda 138 022-2501616
Arena Experience - Jl Ir H Juanda 207 022-2506444
Donatello - Jl Ir H Juanda 104 022-2501167
MM Dago The Nice Shop - Jl Ir H Juanda 81-83 022-2501727
Solution Boutique Outlet - Jl Ir H Juanda 91 022-2501537
Seximo - Jl Ir H Juanda 106
Rich & Famous - Jl. Ir H Juanda
Justine Shoes and Bags - Jalan Ir.Djuanda
DSE - Jl Diponegoro 2 022-4237532

The Secret - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 47 022-4260818
Stamp - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata -simpang Banda 022-4261580
Heritage - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata
Badger Invaders - Jl Trunojoyo 23 022-4268109
The Summit - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 61 022-4221001
Branded Club - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 55 022-4260857
Terminal Tas - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 32 022-4202808
For Men - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 36 022-4207888
Riau Stock Mall - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 160 022-7215082
Osso Boutique Outlet - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 34 022-4208150
Clover - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 107
Solution Boutique Outlet - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 
Herreds - Jl Aceh 64 022-4261676
M & M Sabang - Jalan Sabang
Renaritti - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 26 022-4217621 
China Emporium - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata
Oasis - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata 57 022-4239052
18th Park - Jl Laksmana L RE Martadinata
Carvieno - Jl Soka
Bale Anak - Jl. Sumatra
Anakecil - Belakangnya gedung sate
Cargo - Jl P Diponegoro 30 022-7200233
EST Gallery - Jl Sumatra 24-30
Air Plane - Jl Aceh 44 022-4210092
Big Price Cut - JL Aceh 66 022-4210054
Merdeka Arcade - Jl Merdeka 35 depan BIP 022 4212480
Banda Boutique Outlet - Jl Banda 25 022-4260721
Rockmen - Jl Purnawarman 51 022-4236058

and many more...! have fun and explore.. :-)



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